Dong Thap province should pay attention to human resources development with promotion of professional training and diverse forms of vocational training, said Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

PM Dung said this is an important, regular political task which will help the Mekong delta province make breakthroughs in its socio-economic development.

During his working session with Dong Thap authorities on July 16, the PM also spoke highly of efforts by the provincial Party Committee, authorities and people to obtain achievements in agriculture, industry, aquaculture, and to implement the Government’s Resolution 11, contributing to the country’s success.

He stressed difficulties the country are facing in the second half of this year that require the Government to continue focusing on fighting inflation, maintaining macro-economic stability and social security and achieving an appropriate growth rate.

In this spirit, the Prime Minister asked Dong Thap province to continue implementing the Government’s solution package, first of all boosting production, assisting enterprises in increasing export, ensuring the pace of effective investment disbursement, and keeping goods prices under tight control.

Dong Thap should fully exploit its natural resources and geographic advantages to develop agriculture, particularly highly-added value, clean agricultural products to serve domestic consumption and export, he said.

In addition, he urged the province to review its planning, promote the application of science and technology in argricultural production.

In the first six months of this year, Dong Thap province registered an economic growth rate of nearly 13 percent, an increase of 33.02 percent in industrial production value and a rise of 55.4 percent in exports. It also harvested 2.3 million tonnes of rice and 180,000 tonnes of aquatic products./.