Dong Thap on full alert for forest fires hinh anh 1Illustrative Image (Source:VNA)

Dong Thap (VNA) –
Authorities in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap are implementing various precautions to deal with the increasing likelihood of a forest fire emergency due to the prolonged dry period.

According to Nguyen Tan Thanh, deputy head of the provincial forest management department, there are 12 areas placed at level five (extremely dangerous) chance of forest fires, including four locations inside the Tram Chim national park. The rest of the local forests are at level three (high risk) or level four (dangerous).

Thanh said local forest rangers are on around-the-clock guard over any signs of fire. More inspections have been carried out by police officers to ensure safety at different forest management units, and fire drills have been launched at areas that are most prone to blazes.

He added forest owners have stockpiled necessary extinguishing equipment, which receives maintenance at least two times a week.

Dong Thap is home to 6,533 ha of forests, including 2,600 ha of special-use forests and 1,145 ha of production forests.-VNA