An estimated 8,000 patients need kidney transplant operations in Vietnam each year, according to the Health Ministry.

However, there are so few organ donors so that doctors can only operate on 10 percent of the kidney
patients, officials said at a recent workshop.

Vietnamese surgeons were marking the fifth anniversary of the first successful liver transplant on an adult in the country.

Traffic accident victims represent a valuable potential source of organs for transplants, according to the Hanoi-based Viet Duc hospital.

The hospital sees between 800-1,000 fatalities each year from traumatic brain injuries, mainly from traffic accidents.

However, the number of people volunteering to donate organs from brain-dead family members remains limited. Most Vietnamese transplant patients have received organs from living donors.

Vietnam passed a law on organ donation in 2006, under which Vietnamese citizens aged 18 and older have the right to donate their tissue or organs.

The country's first kidney transplant was successfully conducted in 1992. Today, 12 hospitals in Vietnam conduct kidney transplant operations.-VNA