The US firm Dot VN Incorporated is looking forward to its strategic partnership with Vietnam’s Telecommunications, Informatics and Electronics Joint Stock Company (KASATI), said a company executive.

"We welcome KASATI to the United States and look forward to our strategic partnership as they present E-Band and EMS mobile data centre solutions to their clients," said Dot VN Inc. CEO Thomas Johnson.

While working with a representative from KASATI, a leading Vietnamese telecoms infrastructure company, Johnson said that KASATI is an ideal partner to introduce these new technologies to their vast network of clients throughout Vietnam .

"Our partnership with KASATI will allow us to reach their broad customer base and offer these new options in technological advancement," he added. from the US quotes the Dot VN President and Chief Technology Officer Lee Johnson as saying that his company is looking forward to the marketing, sales and customer services support KASATI will provide while offering E-Band and EMS technology solutions to their numerous clients.

Dot VN ( provides innovative Internet and telecommunications services for Vietnam .

In 2006, the Company was awarded an exclusive long term contract by the Vietnamese government to register ".vn" ( Vietnam ) domains and it has the exclusive rights to distribute and commercialise Internet Data Centre solutions and Gigabit Ethernet Wireless applications to Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region./.