DPRK media reaffirm commitments to complete denuclearisation hinh anh 1The second DPRK-USA summit, held in Hanoi in late February, ended with no agreement (Photo: VNA)

Seoul (VNA) – Media in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on March 12 ran stories affirming the country’s firm commitments to work towards complete denuclearization.

This is the first time the DPRK media mentioned denuclearization since the second DPRK-USA summit, held in Hanoi in late February, which ended with no agreement.

Uriminzokkiri, one of the sites for foreign relations of the country, posted a story stating that the persistent stance of the DPRK is to establish new relationship with the US, build sustainable and long-term mechanisms in the Korean Peninsula, and head to the total denuclearization.

Regarding the Hanoi summit, the paper assessed that the event contributed to strengthening the mutual respect and trust between the two sides, bringing about important chances to lift up the bilateral relations to a new development period.

The story was released amidst information of new activities in missile testing site of the DPRK, raising concern that the country may resume the tests after the summit.

The same day, the DPRK Today, another media outlet of the DPRK, also ran an article with similar contents, highlighting the steady standpoint of Pyongyang towards denuclearization.

The Republic of Korea’s Yonhap news agency commented that the articles could be seen as an indication that Pyongyang has completed internal discussions on how to proceed with the nuclear negotiations after the summit was abruptly cut short.

Analysts held that the move of the DPRK aimed to spread a message that the country will not make the situation worse.-VNA