Draft reports to National Party Congress up for public feedback hinh anh 1Illustration image (Source: VNA)

The full texts of a draft political report by the Party Central Committee (11th tenure) and a report on the 2011-2015 socio-economic performance have been published on the mass media for public feedback from September 15 – October 31.

The feedback is being collected before the reports are submitted to the 12 th National Party Congress slated for early 2016.

The political report reviews the five-year implementation of the Resolution adopted by the 11 th National Party Congress and the 30-year reform cause while giving forecasts on global and country developments and outlining the overall goals and tasks for socio-economic development in 2016-2020.

It sets the orientations and goals for the development of a socialist-oriented market economy, science-technology, institutions for ownership and different economic sectors and types of enterprises as well as market factors and markets of various kinds.

The public is also asked to give their opinions on directions and targets towards strong and essential changes in education and training, science and technology development and application, comprehensive human resource and the establishment of a healthy cultural environment.

Feedback is sought on viewpoints on social management and development and policies towards social progress and fairness.

Solutions for environmental protection and disaster prevention and control are included.

Other content features policies on external relations and global integration; measures to leverage the great national unity, uphold democracy and develop a law-governed socialist State; and defence-security tasks.

Party building work over the past five years and six key tasks for the next tenure are also up for discussion.

Regarding the draft socio-economic report, the public is invited to contribute their opinions about the achieved outcomes and outstanding weaknesses, limitations and their causes.

An important content of the report is viewpoints on development, focusing on institutions of the socialist-oriented market economy, growth models, the building of a law-governed state alongside upholding the people’s right to mastery the development enterprises.

Overall goals and specific targets on socio-economic development and the environment, together with key tasks and solutions are included, with public feedback sought particularly on how to develop the socialist-oriented market economy, stabilise the macro-economy and accelerate economic restructuring in tandem with renewing the growth model; build infrastructure and urban areas, improve workforce quality and science-technology, achieve socio-cultural well-being, effective respond to climate change and protect the environment and natural resources; intensify anti-corruption efforts; enhance the efficiency of State management and ensure citizens’ rights to freedom and democracy, among others.

The public is invited to contribute their recommendations from September 15 through October 31.-VNA