The term fine art implies artists’ dedication and talent as it’s not only ‘art’, but ‘fine art’. However, you may change your perspective after learning about a class for amateur artists on Thai Ha street, Dong Da district, Hanoi.

As a doctor, Mai Thanh Cong never thought he could live his childhood dream of being an artist, until he attended a drawing class at Bui fine art centre.

Now he can sketch lovely pictures for his friends and family. The centre has become his intimate venue for sharing his passion for drawing whenever he can spare time from his busy schedule.

Mai Thanh Cong, a doctor from Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics shared: "When I was a kid, I loved drawing. However, my job now has nothing to do with either brushes or canvases. My job is so stressful that sometimes I wish I could turn back time to live in my childhood dreams. So I decided to register for a drawing class here. Ever since, I feel my life has got a lot more fun."

People have lots of reasons to attend such drawing classes. Some are just like Công, taking part in the classes as stress-relief; some love art but have no time or are told they have no talents; while some are kids, learning about art for the first time.

Dinh Thi Ha Phuong, a junior learner said: "When I come here I can meet teachers and friends so I feel very happy. I watched some videos teaching drawing online but I like this class more because people here are real, not virtual ones online."

Nguyen Song Ngoc, a learner from Tay Ho district, Hanoi told the reporter: "At first people said that they have no ideas about drawing at all. But after attending drawing classes, anyone can make vivid paintings. When I attend the class, I feel kind of relaxed. I draw pictures every day. The class gathers people of all ages so I find it is very much like a family."

The centre is a start-up project by a group of young artists who graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts. Besides their ultimate goal of spreading love for art to the community, the project is expected to create jobs for young artists, just like them.

According to Do Viet Khoi, Co-founder/Vice CEO of Bui Fine Arts Centre, they want to create a working environment for graduates from the major of pedagogical fine arts as the market demand is quite low. So normally they have to work against their major. ​They hope that our project c​ould be expanded to create a sufficiently big playground for them.

As their dream and effort grows stronger, their little centre has also grown bigger. Bui fine arts centre now has made a name in youngsters’ community in general and young start-up community in particular.

Apart from holding drawing classes, the group of young dreamers will also throw an annual exhibition called ‘About time’ for amateur artists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in March, 2018.-VNA