The fight against drugs always receives special attention in the northern border province of Lai Chau, where the trade, trafficking, and use of drugs are complicated. A movement to build drug-free communes has been working there.


Pú Đao commune, in Nậm Nhùn district, lies next to other communes where drug crime has been complicated. However, the commune has been recognized as a drug-free locality for years.

The result was attributed to workable communication efforts and self-management of families in the commune.

The communal Party Committee got involved, instructing mass organizations to visit each family and talk to them about laws on drugs prevention and control.

The movement of building drug-free communes has reduced social vices in Nậm Nhùn district, making local people feel secure and concentrate more on economic development. 

Besides Pú Đao commune, Lai Chau province has other seven communes free from drugs./.