With local longan varieties on an area of more than a hectare that are decades old, Pham Thi Thanh’s family cut and grafted the early-ripening T6 variety provided by the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute.

She said that although it is nearly 2 months before the main longan season will be harvested, her family has harvested and sold early-ripening longan many times. The value of early-ripening longan is 4-5 times higher than from the main season. 

Son La is also applying new agricultural production methods, such as spreading crops and changing the time of flowering and fruiting for different crops, to reduce oversupply.

Song Ma district has a longan growing area of more than 7,500 ha, including about 300 ha of early-ripening longan. The district is coordinating with the Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetables on guiding farmers to graft ripe longan varieties in different seasons, to reduce market pressure and increase incomes for farmers./.