East Asian countries join hands to fight plastic waste in ocean hinh anh 1Illustrative photo (Source: internet)

Jakarta (VNA) -
The East Asia Summit (EAS) on tackling plastic waste in the ocean took place in Bali, Indonesia on September 6 and 7, with the participation of 85 representatives of EAS member countries.

As heard at the function, at least 12.7 million metric tonnes of plastic waste are thrown into the ocean on a yearly basis. Some 80 percent of the waste comes from inland sources due to ineffective management.

The conference discussed related management problems and challenges, while highlighting innovative solutions, policies, private partnerships, and education efforts to address the issue.

Indonesia and New Zealand co-chaired the conference.

The Indonesian delegation to the summit shared approaches taken by its government, including the issuance of a national action plan on plastic waste in the ocean for 2017-2025.

Indonesia said it has also worked to convert waste into energy, and develop bio-plastic products from cassava and seaweed, and build several garbage banks.-VNA