The dispute over territorial waters in the East Sea, and other issues concerning law, politics and diplomacy, were discussed at a workshop in New York on May 4.

Hosted by the Journal of Political Risk (JPR) magazine, the event attracted around 100 attendees, including diplomats of many countries to the United Nations, scholars, experts and researchers from universities in the US.

Participants focused their discussion on the illegality of China’s claimed “nine-dot line” and the environmental impact and serious consequences it has made by interfering with islands in the East Sea which it has occupied.

Talking to the New York-based Vietnam News Agency correspondent, JPR Editor-in-Chief Anders Corr said all attendees concurred that China’s ongoing actions in the East Sea are serious.

According to Corr, participating scholars highlighted the need for countries involved in the dispute to take advantage of various opportunities to address the issues in a peaceful manner and in line with international law.

Opinions and reports presented at the workshop will be collected and printed in a book on the East Sea in the near future, Corr said.-VNA