More than 150 economists and economic management specialists from various countries, including Japan , Russia , China , German, India and Vietnam , have taken part in a conference on enhanced competitiveness, innovative capacity and international economic cooperation.

The event, jointly held by the National Economics University and the International Federation of East Asian Management Associations in Hanoi on August 23, was part of a cooperation programme between the university and a number of regional universities.

During the conference, participants share their knowledge and experience as well as new initiatives on economic management, while fostering their connectivity.

Apart from economic reform and development, business strategy and administration topics, they also discussed on the development trend of multi-national enterprises , as well as the management of personal trademark of young entrepreneurs in the globalisation era.

Participants also analysed the competitiveness of Japanese, the Republic of Korea and Chinese firms in auto sector, as well as the financial management reform of Vietnam .

They also visited a number of Vietnamese and Japanese business facilities in Hanoi.-VNA