Illustrative image. Photo: VNA
The education sector will continue with reforms in school curricula and the method of examination and evaluation in the school year 2015-2016 toward the goal of improving training quality.

The learner-centred teaching method has been introduced across training institutions, as part of efforts to adopt international advanced approaches in the country.

The sector plans to seek investment from many sources to improve the infrastructure facilities, particularly in under-developed areas.

The country will have an estimated 22.2 million students enrolled in educational institutions at all levels as well as vocational training centres across the country in the 2015-2016 school year, up 337,937 students. The number of teachers and lecturers has also increased by 14,383 from the previous academic year.

The number of educational facilities across the country reaches 43,874, including 14,203 kindergartens, 15,277 primary schools, 10,878 junior high schools, 2,767 senior high schools and 219 universities. Among them, 16,276 schools have met the national standards.-VNA