Brocade weaving is a tradition of Lao ethnic people in Nua Ngam commune, Dien Bien district of the same name province. However, the trade is at risk of falling into oblivion, raising concerns among local artisans.

84-year-old Lo Thi Lun is among few artisans still pursues brocade weaving in Na Sang II village. Since she learned how to weave from her mother at the age of 16, Lun has created hundreds of brocade artworks.

In 2004, the Japan International Cooperation Agency set up a brocade weaving cooperative with 30 members, luring trade deals for the traditional craft. However, since the project ended in 2010, the craft village has been struggling as members only do the craft after harvest.

Witnessing the slow death of the craft village, Lo Thi Vien spends much of her time coming to local households to encourage villagers to do the craft in their spare time, while seeking buyers for their work, generating jobs and bringing income for local people.

Brocade weaving works of Lao people in Na Sang II village have appeared in Dien Bien province as well as large cities nationwide. Locals have learnt to renew models, combining tradition and modern values to attract customers.-VNA