Audiences in Hanoi and Hai Phong will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Egyptian dance performances by the Egyptian National Folk Dance Troupe on January 22 and January 24 respectively.

The performances will be held at the opera houses of both cities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The Egyptian troupe is believed to be one of the oldest folk dance groups in Egypt. The group started with 56 male dancers and one female dancer in 1960, but now boasts 45 male dancers and 35 female dancers.
The dance troupe's performances feature several traditional dances from Egypt, such as the Tanourah, Al Magouz and Om El Kholoul, as well as traditional dances from different regions of Egypt.

In its 54 years of existence, the troupe has performed in about 105 countries around the world.

The troupe's choreographers and trainers have helped in creating and supporting more than 80 folk art groups across Egypt.

The shows in Vietnam will be performed by 11 dancers and two musicians, and will be directed by the General Director of the troupe, Hassan Ibrahim.-VNA