The Egyptian Embassy in Vietnam on June 26 held a ceremony to mark the 62 nd anniversary of Revolution Day which falls on July 23.

During the ceremony, Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Thach Du highly valued the important achievements Egypt has gained during the national construction and development.

Thanks to strong determination and endless efforts of the two sides, bilateral ties have been incessantly reinforced and boosted, he added.

The exchange of visits at various levels has helped increase bilateral partnership, making Egypt one of Vietnam’s important economic and trade partners in North Africa.

He said the Vietnamese Government appreciates Egypt being the first North African country to recognise Vietnam’s full market economy, and expressed hope that bilateral friendship and multi-faceted cooperation will further grow for mutual benefits.

Egyptian Ambassador Youssef K. Hanna said both sides celebrated the 50 th anniversary of their diplomatic ties in 2013, marking the development of their bilateral ties based on the cooperation, friendship, mutual respect and support at international forums.

He affirmed Egypt is determined to further promote affiliation with Vietnam and run existing mechanisms, including the organising of the upcoming meeting of the Vietnam-Egypt Ministerial Joint Committee, to the fullest.-VNA