Electricity will be sold at an average price of 1,369 dong (6 US cents) per kWh from July 7, up 65 dong per kWh or 5 percent over the current price, VAT not included.

This is in accordance with the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Circular No 17/2012/TT-BTC issued on June 29.

Prices of electricity for poor and low-income households will remain unchanged at 993 dong per kWh for levels up to 50kWh.

Electricity of Vietnam said the price adjustment will not have a great impact on production and business activities or people's living standards. It estimated that a household using an average 100kWh per month would have to pay about 4,200 VND more every month. Additional costs will be 8,600 VND for those using 150kWh per month, 14,050 VND for 200kWh, 26,050 VND for 300kWh and 38,950 VND for 400kWh.

EVN is expected to gain an additional turnover of 3.71 trillion VND (178.37 million USD) from electricity sales thanks to the price increase, as it will reach a commercial electricity output of 56.8 billion kWh during the remainder of this year, the ministry said.

The extra revenue will be used to compensate for a rise in the price of coal, which was used for electricity production, and several other costs, it said./.