Electronics shops and supermarkets in major cities are offering big discounts to boost flagging sales at the end of the World Cup and dry season.

Television sets, refrigerators, fans and air-conditioners are being discounted by 10-56 percent.

At De Nhat Phan Khang electronics stores in HCM City, the price of a Sharp 52A83 LCD TV has been reduced from around 80 million VND (4,210 U SD ) to 35 million VND (1,842 USD ).

Other HCM City shops, like Nguyen Kim, Cho Lon, and Tran The, are offering lucky-draw coupons and freebies.

But southern customers don't appear to be taking the bait. Phan Khang employee Minh Phuc said electronics stores were not as crowded as expected, which has led to predictions prices might fall further.

In Hanoi , MediaMart has a programme called "Golden hours, shocking prices", offering an LG LD310 32-inch LCD TV for 5.99 million VND (315 USD), 52.60 USD cheaper than usual, and all Sony LCD TVs at a discount of 1 million VND (52.60 USD).

It is also offering top trade-in prices for used television sets, DVD players, and electric fans on purchases of an LG 37LH20 37-inch LCD TV or the Samsung 5.1TZ225 music system.

"The number of customers coming to our centre every day is up by around 150 percent," MediaMart marketing spokesman Nguyen Thi Thu Ha said.

Nguyen Kim appliances store on Trang Thi Street is offering discounts of 10-30 percent till next Monday and free Sharp microwave ovens to 3,000 customers buying refrigerators over 300 litres or Electrolux washing machines.

Customers buying a JVC 42-inch television at 15.9 million VND (836.8 USD) will get a free microwave oven worth 590,000 VND (31 USD).

Pico Plaza supermarket has also announced free microwave ovens to customers buying products worth at least 7 million VND (368.4 USD).

Customers need to pay attention to quality and whether models are superseded, particularly with electronic goods. They also need to check the guarantee status. However, some stores said they guaranteed the quality and design of all discounted products.

"Many of our discount products are current series, Ha said. "They are modern products with high technology.

"Discount programmes are of great benefit to our customers," she said./.