Embassies show strong performance in protecting Vietnamese abroad hinh anh 165 fishermen arrested by Indonesia in April and May were released to return Vietnam on July 26 (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The protection of legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens and legal entities abroad is necessary and shows the State’s responsibility to citizens, contributing to raising the city’s political status and prestige in the world while encouraging overseas Vietnamese’s more contributions to national construction and defence.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Indonesia Hoang Anh Tuan highlighted the duty and responsibility of the embassy in protecting the rights of Vietnamese fishermen. It has promptly worked with the Indonesian side to deal with cases of Vietnamese fishermen arrested by Indonesian authorities.

The embassy has also updated Vietnamese coastal localities with the host country’s policies, thus preventing illegal fishing in Indonesia’s waters, he told Vietnam News Agency reporters on the sidelines of the ongoing 29th Diplomatic Conference in Hanoi.

Meanwhile, Ambassador to Malaysia Pham Cao Phong noted that currently, there are 32 daily flights between the two countries. The embassy has categorised six groups of Vietnamese expatriates for better protection.

For Vietnamese nationals residing in Malaysia , it has provided them with legal support to help them settle down in the host country.

The embassy has made various efforts to assist Vietnamese people visiting, working and studying in Malaysia who faced problems such as losing documents, robbing, or meeting accidents, he said.

The embassy has also performed citizen protection duty on Vietnamese citizens who violated the law of the host country, ensuring that they receive humanitarian treatments, said the diplomat.

He held that it is necessary to make stronger popularisation and education on tradition and culture of Malaysia as well as of other countries among Vietnamese people to avoid violations.

At the same time, Luong Thanh Nghi, Ambassador to Australia where is hosting 300,000 Vietnamese people and 30,000 students, said that citizen protection is a focus of the operation of the Vietnamese embassy in Australia .

Over the past years, the embassy has managed to preserve the rights of the Vietnamese community in the host country, he said, adding that Vietnamese students are highly evaluated for their good study performance and law observation.

Currently, Vietnamese businesses are investing about 500 million USD in Australia , he noted, stressing that the embassy has made efforts to support Vietnamese investors, while asking local authorities to create best conditions for them.

Ambassador Nghi held that the granting of legal documents, including visas and passports, for Vietnamese Australian has encouraged them to return to their homeland. The simplification of administrative procedures will also make it easier for them to get the documents.-VNA