A fisherman suffering from acute lung failure with the risk of heart, liver and kidney damage caused by a throat abscess has been saved after being flown ashore by a military helicopter for emergency treatment.

Le Quang Minh, 20, from the central province of Binh Dinh , developed symptoms of a fever and sore throat whilst fishing in the Truong Sa fishing grounds. He was taken to a medical station on Truong Sa Lon Island for treatment on October 19.

The next day, his symptoms intensified with a high fever, swollen tongue and lung infection. The island’s army medical staff discovered an abscess in his throat.

On the morning on October 21, Minh was diagnosed with respiratory failure with a high risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome.

At 13:45 on October 21, the Air Force’s Division 370 dispatched a helicopter and a medical team to the island to bring the man ashore for emergency medical treatment.

After first aid treatment, the patient was flown ashore on the morning of October 22. He is now recovering at Hospital 175.-VNA