Developing a low-carbon economy to reduce the impacts of climate change was the focus of a seminar held by UK Embassy in Hanoi on March 28.

With the theme, “Coping with climate change and investment opportunities in energy efficiency in Southeast Asia”, the seminar helped financial investors, consultancy companies and policymakers study the use of energy efficiency in Southeast Asia .

The seminar also announced the market feasibility report on “Energy Efficiency in Southeast Asia : Investment Opportunities”.

Currently, floods occur in many countries worldwide, including Vietnam , where prolonged storms and floods triggered many other natural disasters as a result of climate change each year, said Antony Stokes, UK Ambassador to Vietnam .

He put stress on the need to develop competitive capacity in investment regulations regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy, while encouraging businesses to save energy.

According to Phuong Hoang Kim, Deputy Director of Science and Technology and Chief of the Energy Efficiency Office under the Ministry of Industry and Trade , Vietnam ’s power demand has risen 18.3 percent and power supply shortfall increased three-fold compared with last year.

Vietnam carried out programmes and strategies on energy efficiency which focused on diverse, suitable and effective exploitation of natural resources, meeting the power demand of socio-economic development, preserving fuels and ensuring energy security for the future, Kim said.

The energy sector needs to develop in line with the preservation of natural resources, environment and ecosystems and ensuring sustainable development./.