English is an important and indispensable tool to ASEAN. The international language will bring the member nations, which have diverse histories, races, cultures and belief systems, closer together.

Le Luong Minh, Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), made the affirmation at the “Global Conference on Educating the Next Generation of Workforce: ASEAN Perspectives on Innovation, Integration and English” in Bangkok, Thailand.

He said that English enables the Association’s nations to interact and communicate with other ASEAN colleagues.

It helps them get to know regional neighbours through their interests, concerns, dreams and aspirations, he added.

Secretary General Minh also emphasised the importance of education, science, technology and innovation, and youth programmes as ways to learn, practise and improve ASEAN students’ English competence.
The conference, taking place from June 24-25, was jointly organised by the Ministry of Education of Thailand and British Council Thailand.-VNA