The Government has been working hard to ensure the right to doing business is observed.

The effort was reflected in Resolution 19/NQ-CP, which focuses on further improving the business environment and enhancing the national competitiveness. The document, which also details specific responsibilities of the Government, ministries, sectors and localities in the field, will be submitted to the National Assembly for approval.

The Government’s report delivered by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung before the 13 th National Assembly’s eighth meeting on October 20 gave much space dealing with the business environment and national competitiveness issues that emerged in 2014 and laid down task and solutions for 2015.

Bettering the investment and business environment and spurring economic growth will top 2015’s tasks and the Government will roll out specific measures for each ministry, sector and locality, the report said.

The issues are expected to become part of the law-making body’s ongoing eighth session agenda since the long-anticipated draft revised Laws on Investment and Enterprises are to be discussed and approved during the session.

Many key indicators on the business environment, which follow the World Bank’s calculation methods and were defined in Resolution 19, will be clarified in the two laws, including business start-up and the protection of investors.

As the issues on the right to doing business, prohibited business lines, conditional business or businesses’ seals have become hot topics recently, the business community is expecting that fresh policies and solutions would be introduced by the law-making body at its current session.-VNA