As of late July, around 49,200 enterprises applied e-customs, accounting for 95.84 percent of the total number of those involving in import-export activities, the Government news portal reported.

According to Vietnam Customs, so far, all customs departments in 34 cities and provinces provided e-customs. Meanwhile, 148 branches out of 170 (or 87.05 percent) processed e-customs.

The number of import-export declarations going through e-customs procedures amounted to 5.23 million, representing 93.14 percent of the total.

Trade turnover conducted through e-customs valued around 239 billion USD, making up 95.3 percent of the total figure.

Statistics showed that 60.4 percent of enterprises passed customs clearance without further examination requested; while 10.2 percent was asked to undergo additional check.

The e-customs system runs automatically round the clock, including Saturday and Sunday.

The reception time takes enterprises from 1-3 seconds; customs clearance 1-2 minutes.-VNA