Rare wild cattle on verge of extinction

An international working group dedicated to saving the sao la , a rare species of wild cattle in the mountains of Viet Nam and Laos, has warned of its possible extinction.
Climate change forecasts in the making Environment

Climate change forecasts in the making

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment has affirmed that a national programme to cope with climate change is in the making with forecasts on temperature and sea level rises in the spotlight.

New species of snake discovered in Cao Bang

Russian and Vietnamese scientists have announced their discovery of a new species of rattle-snake, which belongs to Protobothrops family, in the Trung Khanh Nature Reserve in the north-western province of Cao Bang.

Poachers threaten rare species

Illegal hunting and trading of wildlife are increasing at an alarming rate, posing a serious threat to rare and endangered species, conservationists have said.

Expert help sought to preserve mangroves

Forest rangers and the local administration should preserve HCM City’s Can Gio mangrove forest using scientific forestry methods, ensuring the trees grow naturally, a city official said.

Tourist waste pollutes seas, rivers

Although a booming tourism industry has turned Vietnam into one of the hottest destination in all of Asia , rampant waste by the same industry is destroying the country’s charming coasts and waterways.
According to the Nha Trang Bay Reserve, every day nearly 10 tonnes of waste water are let into the sea by tourism facilities and locals in Nha Trang City .