Public to be consulted on climate change

More than 100 members of the public will be selected to take part in a workshop on “World Wide Views on Global Warming” to discuss climate change and responses to this global issue.

Funds committed to conserve biodiversity

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund in Indochina has granted over 2 million USD to 14 civil society organisations to conserve biodiversity in the region over the last year.

Rare wild cattle on verge of extinction

An international working group dedicated to saving the sao la , a rare species of wild cattle in the mountains of Viet Nam and Laos, has warned of its possible extinction.
Climate change forecasts in the making Environment

Climate change forecasts in the making

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment has affirmed that a national programme to cope with climate change is in the making with forecasts on temperature and sea level rises in the spotlight.