Environmental protection groups founded by young people have bloomed in recent years. However, the question of connectivity and how to create a network for more effective operation still remains. 


Ecological bricks – or ‘ecobricks’ for short – are unique building materials made from plastic bags and bottles. Not only are they reusable as construction tools, they also help protect the environment.

Taking advantage of this new initiative, these young people decided to establish an ecobrick project. However, as a newly-founded group, they faced many challenges in calling for community’s participation from the outset.

In fact, there are many other groups facing difficulties while implementing environmental protection ideas due to a lack of connectivity.

To cope with the situation, many environmental protection organisations have organised seminars and  meetings to link these groups. Through these activities, those active in the field can have the opportunity to share experiences and spread inspiration, helping promote environmental protection acts.

It’s obvious to create links between groups and form an ecological community, as the more knowledge is shared, the more effective environmental work can be carried out, spreading a positive effect across society. –VNA