While many are focusing on high-tech agriculture, K’Brooke - a K’Ho ethnic minority, has chosen to pursue an all-natural agriculture farming model and return to his hometown to work the land.


After graduating from Tay Nguyen University, K’Brooke found himself a high-paying job. Noticing the growing demand for clean and safe food, he left his job and started raising black pigs – a traditional and special food of his community.

K’Brooke’s farm now has more than 45 black pigs that are highly resistant to diseases. Moreover, they do not require animal feed since they can eat wild vegetables and their droppings can be used for manure.

His farming method has proven to be effective since he doesn’t have to pay for animal feed or pesticides. The pigs, goats and chickens are free to roam around, eating fruit in the garden. In turn, their manure is used to fertilise the land and grow the coffee trees.

Recently, K’Brooke entered a startup competition held by Business Studies and Assistance Centre. K’Brooke was the only K’Ho to be chosen for the final round of the “Vietnamese Youths for Innovative Vietnam” competition and won second prize in the competition.  K’Brooke is a prime example for other K’Ho youths./. - VNA