Numerous poets and performers from Dak Lak province will perform a selection of famous sagas from the Central Highlands in Hanoi, as part of the second season of Central Highland Cultural Days in the capital, from August 28 to September 2.

A live performance will also be made during the events opening ceremony on August 28 and broadcast live on Vietnam Television (VTV).

The epic poems are amongst 100 being performed at the event, from various ethnic minority groups in the Central Highlands, including the Ba Na, E De, Mo Nong and Xe Dang minority peoples.

Nguyen Thi Hoa, head of the organising committee, said that the end result is due to the relentless and dedicated work that staff at the Institution of Cultural Studies at Vietnam’s Institute for Social Sciences have put in.

The Institute researched, gathered and translated the sagas from 2001 to 2011 and to date, 91 books and 107 stories have been published.

Additionally, over 150 artifacts supplied by UNESCO Centre, will be on display at the event and several supplementary exhibitions of art and photographs will also take place.

The sagas are chronicles describing the socio-economic process that formed and developed the community of ethnic groups inhabiting the Truong Son Mountains. They are stories about heroes and the bravery of public figures in communities that are long gone.

The Central Highlands epics will also be submitted to UNESCO for recognition as a world intangible and oral cultural heritage of mankind.-VNA