This is the first time US visitor Brian Herman has visited the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. He was impressed by the area where costumes and items relating to ethnic groups and their weddings, funeral ceremonies and other spirituals are on display.

With an area of around 5ha, the museum preserves tribal art, artfacts and everyday objects together with photos and videos on 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

In the first six months of this year, the museum welcomed more than 230,000 visitors.

What makes the museum attractive to visitors is an outdoor display area with replicas of stilt houses of various ethnic groups.

Visitors can try their luck in Vietnamese folk games or watch folklore art performances, through which they will gain an insight into the intangible cultural value of the groups.

The museum is basically a bridge that connects the different culture of ASEAN member states. It links countries within and outside the ten-member group.

The museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience tangible and intangible cultural values of ethnic groups amid busy urban life. A visit to the museum is ideal for those who do not have the time to explore ethnic minority culture first hand by travelling to their homeland.-VNA