The European Union (EU) has provided new office and information technology equipment to the health care service in the northern province of Ha Nam.

The handover of the 31-unit-package valued at 700 million VND (about 35,000 USD) to the province, made by the EU delegation to Vietnam on December 7, is part of an EU-funded project on capacity building for the health care management in Vietnam.

The newly-provided equipment will help local health staff improve their competence in collecting data and planning for a better, reliabe health information management system.

EU is currently Vietnam ’s biggest bilateral non-refundable aid donor in health sector, one of the two key areas the bloc will continue to finance the Southeast Asian country. In 2007-2013 period, the EU delegation to Vietnam plans to allocate over 40 percent of total official development aid, equivalent to 110 million EUR, to the sector.-VNA