The latest edition of the annual "White Book" published by the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurocham) in Vietnam will have an additional chapter on sustainability, reflecting the importance that its members accord to the issue.

A Eurocham statement also said that the book, which offers a comprehensive overview of the current business, economic and regulatory environment in Vietnam from the perspective of the European business community, will be published on November 11.

The sixth edition of the annual "White Book on Trade/Investment Issues and Recommendations", aims to provide important information on policy making and serve as a foundation for further constructive dialogue between the European business community and the Vietnamese Government, the statement said.

It quoted Eurocham chairman Preben Hjortlund as saying: "The White book is a key EuroCham publication, which aims to give the Vietnamese Government a clearer overview of how different issues impact, not only the European business community, but also how, - if resolved – these issues could influence the potential growth of the Vietnamese economy in terms of increased FDI, jobs, tax returns and better and safer products for the Vietnamese population."

The book is "a collective expression" of the views of its almost 800 members who operate in a wide range of business sectors in Vietnam including human resources, intellectual property rights, taxation, transport and logistics.

It is an outcome of the successful Green-Biz 2013 Conference held in September, and has sector-specific chapters including banking and finance, energy, fast moving consumer goods, information technology and tourism, apart from the new chapter on sustainability.

This new edition's structure reflects "Eurocham's wish to work alongside the Vietnamese Government towards achieving common goals: facilitating and increasing foreign investment in Vietnam, boosting economic growth, providing new job opportunities for the local population and enacting positive socio-environmental changes, amongst others," the statement said.

Eurocham members have prioritised issues in their business area that they feel the Government should address with priority and made specific recommendations to resolve or improve the current situation.
The statement said Eurocham would hold a roundtable dialogue with related ministries to present the recommendations, and reach out to individual ministries to discuss issues highlighted in the book in greater detail.

The business body's executive director, Csaba Bundik, said the White book launch was "very timely" given the current context of Vietnam 's international trade relations. He noted that Vietnam was engaged in several key negotiations, including the EU-Vietnam FTA and working towards ASEAN Economic Integration in 2015.-VNA