The Europe Days 2011 programme will open in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on May 6, with a series of diverse intellectual and cultural activities.

A highlight of the annual programme will be a selection of 13 inspiring films, and a new short film, offering a variety of enchanting short works by European film makers.

The diversity of European cultures will manifest itself in the European Literature Day – a joint initiative between the Goethe Institute, L’Espace and the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation, together with the embassies of Italy and Denmark – through a wide selection of European books that have recently been translated into Vietnamese.

Global issues such as gender equality and climate change will be featured at events to raise awareness of young people in an ever-changing world, creating a bridge for cultural exchanges and promoting the 20-year relationship between the EU and Vietnam.

Since its inception in 2004, the programme has attracted about 22,000 Vietnamese visitors.

“We are truly delighted to witness the growing public attention in Vietnam for the Europe Days programme,” said Sean Doyle, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the EU. “Offering a wide choice among diverse and stimulating cultural events, we hope that Europe Days 2011 will continue its attraction to many people across the spectrum of Vietnamese society.”/.