Stock exchanges and the Vietnam Securities Depository Centre will be able to charge new fees to member brokerages and listed firms under a new circular issued by the Ministry of Finance.

The regulation takes effect on April 12. Stock exchanges will be allowed to collect a listing registration fee of 10 million VND (524 USD) per listed firm. Fees imposed on supplementary listings will be 5 million VND (262 USD) each time.

Stock exchanges will not be allowed to collect fees on listings that move between stock markets.

The SDC will also impose the annual management fee of 40 million VND (2,096 USD) per member. This fee is 20 million VND at the securities trading bourses.

Stock trading members must pay a trading fee that is 0.03 percent of the trading value for stocks and investment fund certificates, 0.02 percent for stocks and 0.0075 percent for bonds./.