2023 is the 5th consecutive year the programme has been conducted in the Central Highlands’ province of Gia Lai and is a practical activity in response to World Environment Day on June 5.

With the message “One book, one future”, students can exchange 3 kilograms of old books or 10 new notebooks for a succulent plant or 5 rice-based straws. Collected books and notebooks will be sent to help disadvantaged children in remote mountainous localities.

The programme has been expanded to 10 other places in Pleiku this year. Items used for exchange are becoming more diversified, including books, reference books, newspapers, magazines, cartons, children’s toys, and others. It has contributed to spreading messages about environmental protection and a culture of reading among local people, particularly students.

On average, the programme receives 10-20 tons of books and notebooks each year, all of which are sent to children in mountainous areas./.