An exhibition featuring 100 photos taken by Wilfred Burchett, one of the most outstanding journalists in the 20 th century and a great Australian friend of Vietnam, opened in HCM City on Oct. 28.

Under the theme “Wilfred Burchett and Vietnam ”, the exhibition is co-organised by the Ho Chi Minh Museum, Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Vietnam-Australia Friendship Association and family of Wilfred Burchett in commemoration of the journalist’s 100 th birthday (Sept. 16).

The photos depict the Viet Bac base, the Dien Bien Phu Battlefield, the daily life of the northern people in the 1954-1956 period, the images of combats in the southern battlefields from 1963-1964.

Especially, a number of photos highlight the great friendship between the author with President Ho Chi Minh, Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, General Vo Nguyen Giap and many other Vietnamese leaders, showcasing his strong support for Vietnam ’s revolutionary struggles against the French colonists and the US imperialists.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, VNA General Director Nguyen Duc Loi said Wilfred Burchett was not only a great journalist but also a great friend who always supported the Vietnamese people’s resistance war against the US .

The exhibition, which will run until Nov. 25, serves as a chance for younger generations to get a better understanding about the Vietnamese people’s life during the war time and commemorate the great contributions made by the Australian journalist in the war./.