As many as 200 black and white photos are being displayed at an exhibition entitled “Vietnam’s first independent days 1945 – 1946” in Paris in celebration of the country’s 66 th National Day.

The exhibited photos, including 40 ones that snapped President Ho Chi Minh, were presented by French historian Philippe Devillers.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Duong Chi Dung spoke highly of the Paris-based Vietnam Cultural Centre’s initiative to organise the exhibition, saying that Vietnam ’s first independent days are always unforgettable memories of Vietnamese people as well as Vietnam ’s friends, including those from France .

He thanked Prof. Philippe Devillers, who is not only a witness of the historical days in Vietnam but also a witness of the development of the France-Vietnam relationship, for his valuable gifts.

The French historian handed over these photos to Prof. Phan Huy Le, President of the Vietnam Historians’ Association in July 2010. The photos are expected to provide an insight in the first independent days of Vietnam , especially the capital city of Hanoi after the August Revolution in 1945./.