A photo exhibition opened in Vinh city, central Nghe An province, on April 12 highlighting landscapes and people of neighbouring Laos, their colorful festivals, and unique family traditions.

The exhibited photos were taken by Vietnamese journalist and photographer Tran Duy Ngoan, who is former chairman of Thanh Chuong district People’s Committee and former director of Nghe An TV and radio station.

He took many of the photos during his working visits to Laos over the past several decades capturing the images of Lao people as they went about their daily lives amidst the background of the country’s beautiful natural landscapes.

The photos provide an opportunity for Vietnamese to gain a better appreciation for neighbouring Laos and contribute to strengthening the time-honoured friendship and special solidarity between Vietnamese and Lao people.

The exhibition, which lasts until April 20, is part of activities to celebrate Laos’ traditional Bunpimay Festival 2014 and the 52nd anniversary of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic ties./.