The Hanoi–based Ho Chi Minh Museum will host next month a special exhibition on the life of the late President Ho Chi Minh in the former Soviet Union.

The exhibition, entitled President Ho Chi Minh with Russia through Archives and Records, will present more than 200 documents, photos and objects that reflect the time when the President lived and worked in that country.

The materials belong to Vietnam's archival agencies, the Federal Archival Agency of Russia and the museum.

The exhibits will be divided into three sections, focusing on the former President and his determination to find ways to liberate Vietnam; the friendship between the two countries; and the sentiments of the Russian people towards the Vietnamese leader, according to the National Archives and Records Administration.

The event is being organised with the aim of reinforcing the friendship and cooperation between the two sides towards the 65th anniversary of the opening of their diplomatic relations, and to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the October Revolution (November 7, 1917).

The exhibition will run from November 5 to December 12 at the Ho Chi Minh Museum, 19 Ngoc Ha street, Ba Dinh district.-VNA