An exhibition offering a comprehensive view on the life of late Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh and achievements of the Doi Moi process that he strongly promoted opened in Hanoi on June 22.

The display at the National Library of Vietnam at No. 31 Trang Thi Street is being held in celebration of his 100th birth anniversary (July 1, 1915).

Nearly 1,000 exhibits, including books, newspapers, articles and documentary films, offer an insight into Linh’s life and revolutionary activities along with his articles and speeches on military, defence, life settlement and goods distribution.

Visitors can take a closer look at his column “Nhung viec can lam ngay” (Things to be done immediately) in Nhan dan (People) newspaper, which attacked negative phenomena in society and therefore created an open and democratic social atmosphere in the late 1980’s.

Featured items also cover the Party’s sixth national congress in 1986 which marked the beginning of Doi Moi and the late leader’s role in the process, as well as Party and State policies and strategies during this era.

The exhibition will run through June 27 in Hanoi and subsequently be organised in nearby Hung Yen province – Nguyen Van Linh’s hometown – from June 29-30.

Nguyen Van Linh was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam from 1986 to 1991. He was elected at the 6th National Party Congress in December 1986 and became the first Party leader to lead and organise the implementation of the Party resolution on Doi Moi.

He initiated and pursued the principles of Doi Moi while maintaining socialist orientations, promoting Party leadership and bringing into full play the people’s right to mastery as reflected in the motto “people know, people discuss, people do and people inspect.”

Nguyen Van Linh, who passed away on April 28, 1998, was praised by both the Party and the people as a staunch and prestigious communist and an outstanding disciple of the late President Ho Chi Minh.-VNA