An exhibition of lacquer paintings by Japanese artist Saeko Ando will be held in Hanoi on November 9, in celebration of the 40 th anniversary of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties.

The painter, who has lived in Hanoi for 18 years and uses local materials and techniques in her work, wants to present her Japanese side at this exhibition themed “ Japan in Me.”

The paintings will be shown together with a series of short essays Saeko has written to explain the ideas of her works.

Saeko’s works depict aspects of life in the natural world that people usually fail to notice. Her command of lacquer techniques, use of rich colours and bold compositions, and creation of elaborate textures, enable her to transform these into enchanting characters with their own stories.

Because of her devotion to the lacquer craft and profound understanding of Vietnamese culture, the painter is regularly invited to appear in magazines and on television in Japan and Vietnam .

She is the first foreign member accepted by the Hanoi Fine Art Association.-VNA