An exhibition of more than 200 books and other documents that honour the life and career of the late General Le Trong Tan opened on September 30 at the Vietnam Military History Museum.

The 12-day exhibition, which began on the 100th anniversary of Tan's birth, highlights his help constructing the nation and developing the Vietnam People's Army. Tan died in 1986.

"During his career, General Tan always promoted revolutionary ethics and the international spirit," said Do Ba Ty, a member of the Central Communist Party of Vietnam. "His glorious career was closely attached to the revolutionary cause of the Party."

The exhibition features objects from Tan's childhood to his days resisting French colonialists (1945-1954) and American imperialists (1954-1975). The show reflects the positive impression Vietnamese and international allies had of the man.

He was known for always kept good relations with his fellow soldiers, wholeheartedly helping them in times of need.

The documents and objects preserved by the museum and Tan's family include awards from the State, maps he used during battle, letters to his family and books he wrote about science and military strategy.

Born in 1914 in the Hoai Duc district of Hanoi, Tan was Chief of the General Staff of Vietnam People's Army and Deputy Minister of Defence.

Tan greatly contributed to Vietnam's win of Dien Bien Phu battle in 1954 and the Ho Chi Minh campaign of 1975.

A stamp set released on October 1 portrays the General in his uniform, with Vietnam's flag in the background. One million copies were issued.-VNA