A collection of sculptures by Khong Do Tuyen (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Mixed media sculptures of various materials and dimensions are on display by emerging artists based in Hanoi and HCM City.

Entitled "Hanoi–Saigon", the exhibition brings together 28 sculptors and 56 of their works, the biggest such display since the project was launched in 2010.

The sculpture series Hanoi–Saigon (or Saigon-Hanoi, based on the exhibition venue) takes place every two years, alternating between the two cities.

Besides introducing the newest or never-displayed artworks, the exhibition enables sculptors to share opportunities and career directions, promote their creations and discover new faces on the country’s growing sculpture scene.

The initiative was meant to build up and develop a new community spirit in sculpture as well as to bring the medium closer to the public.

Therefore, in addition to the exhibitions in the two cities, the group also displays works in spaces more accessible to young people, especially those studying or working in the field of culture and arts.

The sculptors at this year’s exhibition span several generations: some were born in the 1940s, like Ca Le Thang and in the 1950s like Dao Chau Hai, while others were born in the 1970s, like Khong Do Tuyen and Le Lang Luong, and even at the end of 1980s, like Thai Nhat Minh.

This, together with the difference characteristics of the artists and their works provides the public with richness and diversity in creative trends and attitudes, remarked Vu Huy Thong of the Vietnam University of Fine Arts Research Institute

It is the first time the exhibition welcomes a young Vietnamese artist studying and living in the US, Le Hoai Nam, 30. He had his first ever solo exhibition in Hanoi in 2011.

The diversity in dimension and materials, such as wood, welded iron, stainless steel, bronze and mixed media will help the public see the qualifications, professional courage and aesthetic experiences of each sculptor and of contemporary Vietnamese sculpture. 

“The artists presented in this exhibition are representatives of Vietnamese sculpture in recent years,” said Thong.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, a talk on "Sculpture with Space and Architecture" was held yesterday, moderated by art researcher Thong.

Dao Thi Hai, a third-year student at Hanoi Architectural University, finds the exhibition and the talk useful for her studies.

“Through the exhibition, I have a chance to contemplate many artworks created with different materials and styles,” she said. “Many of them are in a medium and small size suitable for interior decoration.”

Hai said the work Dem(The Night) by Nguyen Duy Manh is the most impressive.

“Though I don’t think I really understand the artist’s philosophy, I still like this artwork. I feel the loneliness of a person who tries to solve his/her own problem but actually spreads a net surrounding him/herself.”

The exhibition will run until December 22 at Hanoi Architecture University, Nguyen Trai street, Hanoi. — VNA