Overseas Vietnamese, foreigners and local authorities gathered at the Union of Friendship Organisations on Aug. 10 to commemorate those who have died or fallen ill because of the toxic chemical Agent Orange, used during the American War.

Every year, the country remembers living and dead AO victims on August 10.

The event in HCM City features an exhibition of 40 works by two Japanese photoraphers that depict the sorrow and pain of Agent Orange victims in Vietnam .
With the three-day exhibition, organisers said they hoped to send a message of peace, said Vo Anh Tuan, head of HCM City ’s Peace Committee.
Economist and Musician Ho Hai Quang, who recently returned to the country to donate150 million VND to support AO victims, sang a number of songs that he usually performs during fundraising event abroad.
Born in Vietnam , he emigrated to France in 1952 when he was eight years old.

Quang, who began playing guitar in 1957 to earn a living, founded the non-governmental organisation Orange DiHoxyn in 2008 to raise funds for AO victims.

During the opening ceremony on August 10, he showed off his skills by playing a handmade guitar made from a metal candy box and a wooden column taken from his bed.

Photographer Murayama Yasufumi was born in 1968 in Hyogo , Japan . He participated in peace activities and organised several photo exhibitions on the Vietnam War in coordination with Kyoto Museum for World Peace when he was a university student.
After coming to Vietnam for the first time in 1998, Murayama said he wanted to support the Vietnamese people in their efforts to overcome the consequences of war.

Born in Osaka , Japan , in 1942, Nishimura Yoichi and his family moved three years later to Awaji Island after World War II ended.

After 2003, the high school teacher retired and began researching the American War, especially AO victims.

From 2004-07, he taught Japanese and math to children residing at Peace Village and Tu Du Hospital in Vietnam./.