Advanced and energy-saving products, that are suitable to the condition of Vietnam, are shown at this year's ENTECH Hanoi exhibition (Hanoi international exhibition of energy technology and environment).

The event is organized by the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade and coordinated with Busan city (Korea).

This exhibition draws in businesses from many countries and regions, especially Korean companies. DAEHAN SENSOR, BKT, ENCHEM SOLUTION, and EpiT all show their best products in the fields of technology, construction, renewable energy, and environmental sanitation.

These products and technologies have a large knowledge content and modern technology that gradually replace low-performance older equipment. These products will help to reduce input costs and improve competitiveness.

The exhibition is also an opportunity for Vietnamese and Korean companies to cooperate in doing business, and transferring technology. Korean companies can support Vietnamese companies in accessing advanced technologies in the world, thereby raising the technical standards of Vietnam in the field of energy and environment./.