The seaside road on the South of Ninh Thuận province has been voted by many tourists as one of the most exciting roads in the central of Vietnam. With many famous tourist attractions stay near each other, Ninh Thuận is a destination travelers don't want to skip on their journey.

If traveling from the South to the North of Vietnam, the first destination for tourist in Ninh Thuận province must be Đá Trứng Bay. The bay is in Phước Dinh commune of Thuận Nam district, about 30km from the city of Ninh Thuận. This place has thousands of rounded shape rocks, big and small in sizes spreading along a white sandy beach. The rocks were the reason why locals called this place Đá Trứng Bay.

Not far from Đá Trứng Bay is the lighthouse of Dinh Cape. This is a beautiful destination that travelers should visit and also a test for their endurance. There are two options to get here from the main road: They can hire locals to transport them to the lighthouse by special vehicles, or they can walk through hills of sands to get to their destination.

The lighthouse of Dinh Cape stays on the top of a small mountain. The road to the lighthouse is a steep and not straight line. This is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. The structure was built by the French colonial government in 1898 to guide the ships passing through the local sea. After a century of existing, the structure shows no sign of damage or degradation.

The next destination is the windmills field, about 30 minutes of traveling by car from Dinh Cape. The huge windmills, with an average height of 40m, not only produce electricity but also became an interesting tourist destination. The scenery here makes travelers feel like they are somewhere in Europe.

The last destination is Nam Cương's sandhills. This place has many beautiful sandhills that connect and run to the horizon. In the past, local Chăm fishermen have to walk through those sandhills to get to the sea. So, the sandhills of Nam Cương have a strong connection with the lives of local Chăm people.

With the destinations mentioned above, the seaside road on the South of Ninh Thuận has the potential to attract more tourists and can bring them good experiences when coming here./.