More than 200 experts gathered in Hanoi today to discuss emerging issues of regional integration, including economic integration, media, training and climate change.
The experts, coming from various backgrounds, such as politics, business sector and civil society from all South East Asia countries met for three days during the first Regional Alumni Conference of InWEnt, Capacity Building International, Germany in Hanoi.
They will explore ways so that countries in the region can benefit from economic integration in a competitive world and the rules of game for South East Asia, the role of Media as a vehicle for regional integration, contributions of Technical Vocational Training and Education to regional integration in South East Asia as well as the urgent challenges of climate changes.
South East Asia, one of the fastest growing economic regions worldwide, is having a highly dynamic, complex and multi-layer integration process however not everyone is benefiting from this growth and process. At the same time, the world economic downturn has recently caused impacts on many nations.
“Regional integration processes can only be successful if they themselves are filled with life, if the people in the region actively participate and contribute to the deepening of cross-national ties, and if individuals take on leadership and build personal and professional networks around the region.” said Mr. Bernd Schleich, InWEnt Managing Director, in his welcoming remarks.
What actions should be taken by Southeast Asia Nations against this risk to maintain their growth and ensure the economic stability, the modernization of vocational training as well as health and social security systems in order to benefit the poors, are all the issues of concern of the conference.
Participants will not only touched upon existing concerns of governments but also discuss on how nations can shape the cooperation in a manner that fosters the welfare of all member states of South East Asia and its inhabitants./.