Experts propose solutions to school violence hinh anh 1A teacher forcing a student to drink dirty water causes public outcry. (Source:

Hanoi (VNA) - It is necessary to popularize legal knowledge on child abuse among teachers, students, and parents; to step up life skills education for the younger generation; and to change teachers’ perception on power in education. Those solutions were suggested by experts in a bid to improve school violence, which has become more complex in the past time.

Dr. Le Truong Tung – Chairman of the Board of Directors at the FPT highschool: Frequent legal updates for teachers and students needed.

According to the Children’s Law, schools have to popularize such knowledge to teachers and students. I think the Ministry of Education and Training should make clearer regulations. For example, schools have to update related legal knowledge like the Children’s Law and the Law on Education for teachers at the outset of an academic year or of a semester while teachers, in turn, have to tell their students on their legal rights and interests.

When students know the Children’s Law and Law on Education stipulate that teachers are not allowed to make corporal violation, they will understand the action is wrongful and will become inspectors of teachers’ behaviours. Teachers, as a result, cannot make such violations.

Paintings and posters on the issue can be posted on the walls to remind both teachers and students on a daily basis.

Experts propose solutions to school violence hinh anh 2Dr. Le Truong Tung highlights a need to disseminate legal knowledge on children’s rights for teachers and students (Source: VietnamPlus)

Associate Professor Tran Thanh Nam – Hanoi National University’s University of Education: Changing teachers’ perception.

The educational concept of teaching children by frightening or shaming them ought to be changed, as it builds no self-respect, self-control, critical thinking, and creativity among youths. They will not dare to speak out what they think is right.

To complete the change, positive discipline and behaviour management should be spread among teachers, while parents need to think differently about violence, child abuse, and violence-free education.

The change is also a way to teach children not to use violence against others.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Duc Son – head of the Educational Psychology faculty at the Hanoi University of Education: Overhauling universities of education from enrollment to training.

A survey of 1,500 teachers showed that those who love their jobs were more satisfied at work than those who do not. Another survey revealed that about 70 percent of employees choose a teaching career out of their love for the job, while 30 percent choose it for other reasons.

As such, a solution for the educational sector to enroll students who love teaching and capable of doing the job is necessary, rather than just based on testing scores like now.

Experts propose solutions to school violence hinh anh 3Increasing practices and skill training for students majoring in education and easing pressure on teachers are solutions to school violence (Source: VietnamPlus)

Universities should let students experience as much as they can and offer courses on soft skills.

Hoang Phuong Ngoc – Teacher at the Cau Giay secondary school, Hanoi: Each school should have a psychological therapy office.

Teachers have to undergo pressure from students, their parents and the schools.

Our students are growing up with curiosity on sex and various behavior changes, we try to talk to them over the matters but do have enough knowledge.

That’s why each school should have a psychological therapy office for not only students but also teachers.

Experts propose solutions to school violence hinh anh 4Nguyen Trong An: Schools, families and society should join hands to tackle school violence. (Source: VietnamPlus)

Nguyen Trong An – former director of the Children’s Department under the Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs: Three parties should work together to teach children skills and morality.

To deal with school violence and child abuse, I think the role of families comes first. Parents should have knowledge and skills needed to educate their kids to protect themselves and not to use violence against others.

Secondly, the point is how schools spend time on teaching children on self-protection skills. They could consider cutting academic lessons’ duration for the work.

Thirdly, it is the inspection role of society on the enforcement of related regulations in localities.

Last but not least, we need concerted efforts from the community and the sector to form a child protection mechanism.

Chris Henderson – Associate Director of the International Education and Development, Waikato University, New Zealand: Changing perception of entire society

No matter how many policies are issued, if they are not based on the culture in which each person prioritises protecting children, they will have no effect against school violence./.