More than 150 health experts from southern provinces and cities gathered at a workshop held on May 17 in central Phan Thiet city to hear the latest research about the treatment of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-related diseases.

At a symposium titled "Connect to Protect", health experts described real cases they had faced in their daily practice.

The use of Pap-screen tests and HPV vaccines are the most effective methods to reduce the number of HPV-related diseases, particularly cervical cancer, in Vietnam, they said.

Speaking at the symposium, Walia Anuj, medical director of Merch Sharp & Dohme (MSD) in the Asia-Pacific Region, said: "HPV causes many kinds of cancers such as vulva, vagina, penis, head and neck. It also causes genital warts."

For generations, Vietnamese women have been affected by cervical cancer and other devastating diseases caused by HPV.

Cervical cancer is the second-leading cause of female cancer mortality in Vietnam, with nine women dying every day.

Worldwide, cervical cancer is also the second-most common cause of cancer death in women, with about 650 women dying every day.-VNA