A wide range of experience in successfully treating drug addiction was put forward at a conference titled ‘Treating drug addiction – Scientific advances and practical experience from France and the US’ and held by the National Assembly’s Committee on Social Issues on March 20 in Hanoi.

Dr. John Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of the Recovery Network of Programmes in Connecticut, the US, said the most important thing in treating drug addiction is to help patients and their families regain faith.

According to Hamilton, addiction is a brain-related disease and the rehabilitation process depends on behaviour and social circumstances. He continued, highlighting the need to view addiction as a chronic and recurring disease.

Meanwhile, Dr. Laurent Michel, Director of the Pierre Nicoles Centre in France, shared information on the treatment of drug addiction in Europe and France as well as at his centre.

For Vietnam’s part, a representative of Bac Giang’s Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs said the province aims to encourage the establishment of private rehabilitation centres.

The province also intend to build a network of consulting, caring and assistance groups, mainly at the commune or town level, for the treatment of drug addiction in the community.-VNA